Artist James Nelson has created a series of original paintings featuring chandeliers that blend both an “old world” ambience with a contemporary mood. Richly textured in a unique process developed by the artist, these paintings combine a variety of mixed media, including acrylic paint, watercolor, gold and silver leaf details, and actual Austrian crystal prisms attached to the canvas that create a unique three dimensional effect. Some of the influences for the style and texture of the paintings come from the look of aged stone walls one might see on a palazzo while floating through the canals of  Venice, or the memory of a stroll through the French Quarter in New Orleans. They have the look and feel of antique Italian frescos.

While being both rustic and elegant, these paintings complement any interior design style ranging  from traditional and formal, to casual and modern.  They will illuminate your walls with a warm, inviting, and romantic glow.

In addition to offering finished original paintings, James also accepts commissions to create original chandelier paintings that can be personalized with your own words or numerals that will have a special meaning to each owner. Such as, anniversary or birth dates, family member’s names or initials, a special word or phrase, or even names of places the owner has traveled.  This will enhance each painting and make it a unique, one of a kind work of art to be treasured by your family for years as a truly special gift for either a loved one or yourself.  Please contact James to inquire about a custom made chandelier painting or to arrange an appointment to view samples.

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